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Whether you need a perfect fitting day bag, a statement piece for your next special occasion or an one-of-a-kind design for your big day. Simply send us your request and we'll get back to you with a virtual design call of max 10min.

Unique Taste For Special One

How it works?

You click on the '' Book virtual Session''

2. We only have 12 spots each month for taking custom orders so lock in your spot and select your day & time of preference.

3. Check your inbox (spam) and open the mail to confirm your appointment. 

Lock your seat before its closing. We dont have many spots left this Month.

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What Our Saints Say about us

Santino Troy


These chocolates are entirely handcrafted and were produced with such utmost purity. Authentic to its name. These chocolates have been a favorite of mine for over a year. Still, the taste and hygiene are the same, and they continue to get better every day. 

Benjamin Parker

New York

I love chocolate. I always order from this place, and the shipping is quick. Various chocolate flavors at affordable costs. Excellent in both quality and quantity. Outstanding packaging. Worth purchasing. Very great service. The best overall experience.

Jeffrey Catherine 


The flavor is amazing and quite unusual. It has never occurred to me as a tasty complement to a chocolate bar. There are other chocolates made with nuts, sesame, orange peel, etc. I ordered some and all were awesome. Happy customer.