Saint Muze |

Saint Muze is founded by Sam Zegelink in 2021. It all started by her desire to create a brand which gave people the opportunity to buy sustainable streetwear. She also wanted to make sure that the was no child labour involved in the process, so that is why she started sewing herself. She was on a mission to make the fashion world a bit more sustainable.

The vision and focus have from the beginning been on creating dope and inspiring items out of vintage or deadstock material, so we could give vintage clothes a second life and use the deadstock materials so the waste will be as minimum as possible.


We love the idea of making handmade items in a high quality but at prices that are available, so everybody gets a chance to join us on the mission to create a more sustainable fashion world. 

We are trying our bests to make a positive effort on the fashion industry. We know that the industry isn’t eco friendly and our goal is to change that.

Sustainable Pieces